116: A Play-By-Play of My First Why Ride On the NorCal Coast


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Why Rides: A ride experience that justifies why you trained relentlessly. It's to be ready at any moment to have your best ride ever. Why Rides are exactly what I want to do on a bike, because as a husband, father of three, and a business owner, I just don't get the opportunities to go ride my bike all day very frequently. So, when I do, I trust that my body's ready from my consistent training on and off the bike. I want to show you what's possible when you're consistent with your training and to encourage you to keep your body fine-tuned, so when the opportunity presents itself, you can get the most out of it. This is exactly what we dive into in this episode of the Dialed Health podcast. In fact, guest Brady Nations and I give you a play-by-play and a behind-the-scenes look into my very first Why Ride. I did a massive unsupported ride up the NorCal coast and Brady documented the entire journey. Together we talk about the complexity of doing the ride, as well as the complexity of capturing the reality of it. The official Why Rides video releases on April 4th on YouTube. Stay tuned! P.S. Don't forget to grab yourself some Remedy Coffee! Head over to remedysupplyco.com and use code DIALEDFAM for 15% of your order.

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