118: 🕺The Real Way to Strengthen Your Core ft. Josh Rasmussen & Ryan Faer


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Wish you had a stronger core? Have no idea how to build or stronger core? Or, have you tried forever to build core strength but can't figure out why you haven't had any success? If yes, this episode is for you. Not only are you about to learn how to build your core, but you are also going to get an inside look into the how and why trainers program their workouts for optimal results.

In this episode, I'm joined by Dialed Health Trainer Josh Rasmussen and MLB strength and conditioning coach, Ryan Faer. Together we break down the mechanics of what it actually takes to build a stronger core as a cyclist. We dive into what is actually considered as your core, give you a step-by-step guide on what it takes to successfully build strength, and why it's so important to have a strong core in the first place (it's not just for looks!).

I loved being joined by Josh and Ryan who both brought amazing knowledge and golden nugget takeaways to the episode.

What we discuss:

  • How much impact your core has even on the rest of your body
  • Isolated vs. total body core training
  • Using your breath to exhale and contract (or inhale and brace)
  • Flexion
  • Should you do sit-ups?
  • Lateral flexion-extension, anti-extension rotation, and anti-rotation
  • Using a variety of different modalities?
  • How to apply the forces required to get the training response you want
  • How to incorporate core strength into circuit training

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