121: 🥬 My Top Advice For The Perfect Cycling Diet!


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Make sure to tune into this weeks episode of Dialed Health. We go back to episode 67 where I get to talk about the perfect cycling diet. I’ll dive into the specific process of tracking food while fuelling your performance and how to keep your calorie deficit.

Then we jump into my therapy session. Yes, it’s weekly thoughts with Derek where I’ll talk about my booth setup at the TDS Enduro as well as my first gravel race at the Belgian Waffle ride. I’ll also give you some app updates and the drop date for the latest episode of Why Rides.

05:41 - How to find your active Basal metabolic rate (BMR)

09:11 - What are macro nutrients

11:33 - How to calculate your macro intake

20:45 - Tips for hard gainers to add muscle mass

21:15 - Deficit calorie intake on rest days

25:06 - The reason I food track and what’s the alternative

26:06 - What you should eat to replace burnt calories

34:39 - High quality foods vs low quality foods

40:44 - Allow yourself to have low calorie snacks to reduce cravings

44:15 - You need to start drinking more water

58:40 - Weekly thoughts with Derek

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