122: 🚵🏼 Recap of my first attempt at the Belgian Waffle Ride!


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I’m back again this week with your favourite podcast, Dialed Health. Make sure and tune in to hear my break down on the Belgian Waffle Ride. It was my first ever official attempt at an un-road/ gravel race and I learned so much that I can’t wait to share with you. Following that I dive into a conversation with Cody Kaiser where we talk further into how gravel riding works. Then, towards the end of the show we dip into weekly thoughts where I talk about my post race goals as well as our goals for the business.

04:44 - Pre race mindset

05:57 - Strava stats from BWR

33:40 - Gravel Riding with Cody

38:30 - Gravel Race vs Road Race

41:30 - Variations in the Waffle Ride

42:48 - How have gravel rides changed over the years

46:09 - Where I’ve performed well this year

50:45 - How I maximise my potential

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