86: 📈 MTB Everesting With Jonathan Lee


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Jonathan and I (Coach Derek) decide on a trail for my #DHVERTCHALLENGE Everest attempt. There are an insane amount of variables to consider and thanks to Jonathan, we refer to a spreadsheet that includes our top trail picks with all the stats (elevation/distance per lap, FTP reduction due to average trail elevation, technical difficulty, temperature, and other factors like trail traffic, and rider support accessibility). Follow Jonathan on IG Check out TrainerRoad.com for on-the bike pedaling programs and a supportive/educational community. Weekly Thoughts: All things website improvements. Things are getting more intuitive and user friendly at dialedhealth.com thanks to new features like the program selection questionnaire, view program feature, and much more. If you use the website or are curious about what's happening behind the scenes, this will give you a transparent view! Greg Hickman Youtube Dialed Fam member with great business content.

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