92: 💪🏻 Staying Consistent with Training, Using Endurance Riding for Strength Gains, and How to Know If You’re Over-Training


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In this episode of Dialed Health, I'm joined by Amber, the Project Manger of DialedHealth.com. She actually interviews me on my personal training and goals, and what's been more beneficial for me. I share all the details on how I stay consistent with training while also balancing it with my family and personal life, as well as what has made the biggest impact on my strength gains this year (and also what hasn't helped). Plus, Amber asks me how i know when I'm over-training (something I know many of you do!) and what are some common red flags for when you're on your way to burnout. Most importantly, at the end of this episode, I give you all the details on my vasectomy and how I'm navigating through it!

What we discuss:

8:00 - Scheduling your workouts around your life to remain consistent

16:00 - Having the support you need to remain consistent

24:00 - Balancing riding solo with riding with your partner

27:00 - What makes the biggest impact on strength gains

32:00 - What’s been beneficial vs. what hasn’t been for reaching my strength goal

38:30 - Red flags for when you’re over-training and on your way to burn out

46:00 - Using the trainer to build grit

50:00 - Listening to music while training

53:30 - Rapid Fire Questions

1:02:00 - Derek’s Thoughts: Details on my vasectomy

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