96: 🚵🏻‍♂️ Chaz Halbert: XC Marathon Nationals + Using Strength Training to Your Advantage


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In this episode of Dialed Health, I’m joined by Chaz Halbert, a Dialed Health member, a pervious Dialed Health Podcast guest, and most importantly, a close friend of mine. He’s been on the show before to discuss balancing family, bikes, and business, although in this episode, he is here to chat about his experience at XC Marathon Nationals. To give you a sneak peek, the course was slow, rough, and demanded a lot more out of your body than just watts coming out of your legs. Chaz said it was a total body test and has never experience that level of physicality before on the bike. That's why we dive into how utilizing strength training in preparation was a game changer for him handling the gnarly terrain of east coast course brought to the race. What we discuss: 2:00 - Recap of the XC Marathon National course 7:00 - The impact of strength training 11:00 - Why strength training won’t make you bulkier/heavier 20:00 - Strength training lessening your fatigue on bigger rides 28:00 - Recap of Chaz’s performance at XC Marathon Nationals 32:00 - Chaz’s experience riding gravel 38:00 - Rapid fire questions with Chaz 49:00 - Announcements 54:00 - Member questions answered! 1:15:00 - Derek's thoughts: Do you want a second podcast episode a week?!

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