97: 🚗 Ryan Faer: The Surprising Effects of Muscle Activation and Isometrics on Building Strength


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Do you prioritize muscle activation? This is something I chat about a lot with Dialed Health members, but something I don’t think enough of us take advantage of. That’s why I brought Ryan Faer onto the podcast to help us understand why we need more muscle activation if we want to build strength as cyclists. Ryan is currently the Arizona performance coordinator for the Cleveland Indians and has a degree in applied physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida. Now, those are big resume builders, but what's even more important is that he's a cyclist and also uses Trainer Road. The combination of the above is what really had me thinking, this the perfect person to chat to about sports science in regards to building strength for cyclists. Together, we dive deep into using muscle activation and isometrics to build strength, the science behind how muscle activation works inside your body, the importance of progress overload, and how to incorporate it all into your training program. What we discuss: 5:15 - What is muscle activation? 12:00 - Misconceptions and common errors of strength training 24:00 - The three different types of muscle activation 30:00 - How to apply overcoming isometrics to your training routine 38:00 - Listener’s questions: Effects of cannabis on riding? Get more Dialed Health content from me daily by following me on the 'gram: @dialedhealth Get access to my training plans: www.dailedhealth.com

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