98: 💤 The Most Practical Tips for Optimizing Recovery for Cyclists


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The number one mistake people make when working towards their riding goals is failing to recover properly. Believe it or not, proper recover is just as important as crushing your training sessions. That's why in this episode of Dailed Health, I share the practical strategies I personally utilize for optimizing my recovery that you can easily implement into your training program. I want to put a large emphasis on the "practical" because it's easy to find a recovery modality on google, but it's not as easy to actually apply it in your life. The strategies I discuss are all practical, low-cost, and highly effective. At the end of the episode, I also answer Dialed Health member questions the most effective rep range for hypertrophy, as well as how to recover mentally from a hard crash. Plus, we share some exciting news about our latest edition to dialed health that you don't want to miss! What we discuss: 3:00 - Why you need to prioritize sleep 12:00 - Why you shouldn’t overlook your hydration 16:00 - Prioritizing proper nutrition 22:00 - Utilizing foam rolling 25:00 - Are massages worth it? 30:00 - Utilizing compression and elevation 35:00 - Utilizing hot and cold exposure 47:00 - The most under-utilized recovery modality 50:00 - Listener questions (Optimal reps/sets for hypertrophy and how to recover mentally from a hard crash) 1:05 - Important Dialed Health announcement! Get Dialed Health content daily by following me on the 'gram: @dialedhealth Get access to effective training programs for cyclists: dialedhealth.com

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