93: ✂️ Getting a Vasectomy as a Cyclist, Recovery Time & Training Plan


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Due to popular demand, I'm recapping my full vasectomy experience in this episode of Dialed Health. And guess what? I hold nothing back. If you're guy who is feeling hesitant about the operation and want some insight into the entire experience as a cyclist, this episode is for you. Not only did I give a recap of my actual experience of the operation, but I give you the play-by-by plan of my recovery. Plus, at the end of the episode, I give you my DHVERTCHALLENGE recap. What we discuss: 10:10 - Derek’s account of the actually the operation experience/ 15:00 - Recovery (Training schedule the following week & a breakdown of how each day felt) 25:00 - Common concerns/questions 31:00 - Rapid Fire 36:00 - Derek’s Thoughts 43:00 - DHVERTCHALLENGE recap Find more from daily on Instagram: @dialedhealth

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