106: Listener Questions: 🤷‍♀️ What's Underrated vs. What's Overrated?


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The other day on Instagram, I tossed up a question box that asked “underrated or overrated?” for you to be able to ask me whether or not I think something is underrated or overrated. Well, guess what? We turned it into an entire podcast episode! I cover over 25 different topics + giving you my explanation for why I believe each thing is either overrated or underrated. I chat about everything from tire pressure, tubeless tires, and bike weight, to nutrition topics like late night eating, fasted workouts, and protein, to just fun topics that gave me a really good laugh and I know it will give you a good on, too!

What we discuss: Are the following underrated or overrated?

3:00 - Late night eating

5:30 - Calorie counting

7:00 - 10 days of Rest post-COVID

10:30 - Pooping

12:30 - Crunches

14:25 - Crocs

15:45 - Tire Pressure

17:45 - Donuts

25:00 - Billy Joel

26:00 - Off the bike warm up

29:00 - Protein

32:00 - Tubeless tires

34:00 - Bulgarian split squats

35:30 - Continuous glucose monitors

37:00 - Soas stretching

41:00 - Fasted exercise

43:00 - IPAs

48:00 - Double-day training

49:30 - Naps

51:30 - Bike weight

53:30 - Static stretching

55:45 - FTP or Ramp test

1:02:30 - Compression systems

1:04:00 - Chuck Noris

1:05:00 - Weekly thoughts with Derek

1:12:00 - Announcements

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