WTWD: Recap of the Lion's Den Crit Race + Being Mindful of How You Show Up on Your Bike


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Welcome to WTWD...aka Weekly Thoughts with Derek. This is the first edition of WTWD being a stand-alone episode and I couldn't be more excited. You can now expect to find this bonus episode in your podcast cue (be sure to subscribe!) each Friday morning.

In this episode, I share my experience checking out the Lion's Den crit race, something I had never experienced before – completely different from a mountain bike race! Plus, I also discuss a recent crash I had on my bike on a road group ride and the lessons it taught me about showing up on my bike.

What I discuss:

00:45: Weekly Quote

3:00 - My weekend at the Lion’s Den crit ace

11:00 - My crash on a group ride

15:00 - Being mindful of your attitude and how you’re showing up on your bike

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