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From Alexandra: Get to Know Me Better

As an Attorney at Law, member of the Washington D.C. Bar, I am licensed and admitted to practice law in the United States, in Europe, and internationally. Because of my own experiences of marrying a foreign national, and moving abroad, I fully understand how the international treaties work between the United States and foreign countries in both branches of the law: International Tax and Immigration Law. All of my legal services, communications, and legal translations are offered in English and in Spanish, and fully online.

Where Am I From?

I was born in Puerto Rico, studied my Bachelor's Degree at Florida International University in the city of Miami, and graduated with a double Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Criminal Law. After completing my Bachelor's Degree, I continued my studies and acquired a Juris Doctor's Degree (Law Degree of the United States) at the Inter-American University School of Law, and furthered my legal studies at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

What Is My Professional Legal Background?

During my law school years, I worked in law firms in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Spain, thereby deepening my knowledge in International Law, and expanding my professional network in the international legal field. I advanced my legal studies acquiring a certification in Litigation from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. And I completed my professional legal studies graduating from Law School with a Juris Doctor's Degree in the Honors Roll with the recognition of Magna Cum Laude.

What Do I Specialize In?

I specialize in assisting American Citizens who live abroad, and foreign nationals who have an interest in relocating to the United States. I work all aspects of tax law, and immigration: from filing your U.S. taxes as an American Expat living abroad, to managing the planning of your foreign assets and the legal procedures to ensure U.S. tax and international law compliance. Furthermore, in Immigration Law, I work in processing all U.S. visas, including spousal visas, professional visas, investors visas, work visas ,study visas, amongst many others.

I arrange all the immigration and tax procedures of my worldwide clients fully online, by E-Filing all Tax Forms, and all Immigration Petitions & Applications to the U.S. government. This online method ensures a speedy and safe submission of all your forms and information. As an Attorney at Law, I guarantee the protection and confidentiality of our communications, your information, and all your documentation submitted for all the procedures involved, under the Attorney- Client Privilege. This is a protection that no other professional can provide you.

What Do I Offer You?

I take pride in vigorously representing my clients in an accessible, and online manner at an affordable cost. That is why I begin by offering you a COMPLETELY FREE INITIAL LEGAL CONSULTATION. Contact me today so that you can truly enjoy your expat life while I take care of solving your taxes, immigration and legal matters!

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