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Michelle Fonseca-Kamana is a California lemon law lawyer who is passionate about consumer advocacy, education, and an unparalleled client experience. She is the founder and principal attorney at West Coast Lemons, the law firm she began in February 2020 just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe. Determined not to let anything, not even a global pandemic, get in her way, she has persevered and built a lemon law brand that is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best in California. With over $4 million recovered since 2017, Mrs. Fonseca-Kamana has proven she is a force to be reckoned with. Handling lemon law cases involving everything from cars and trucks to motor homes and travel trailers, Mrs. Fonseca-Kamana has unmatched insight into the automobile and recreational vehicle industry, and actively shares her knowledge via informational videos with her followers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In September, Mrs. Fonseca-Kamana was one of only 60 Latina lawyers chosen from across the nation to participate in the Hispanic National Bar Association’s Latina Leadership Conference and in October she was accepted into the prestigious consumer advocate attorneys group Justice HQ where she serves as the group’s resident lemon law expert.

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