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From Valerie:

When I became a single mom, I searched for an attorney who was both a strong advocate and a trustworthy counselor. While there were plenty of attorneys who offered legal services, I found only one who also offered support, compassion, and encouragement for my future. The attorney I found was a single mother who went to law school later in life. When I entered her office, I was fearful and discouraged. When I left, I was hopeful and at peace because of the strength she lent and the confidence she offered. Years later, when I myself entered law school as a single mom, her compassion during my most vulnerable time continued to influence my life and motivate me to provide the same for others. Now, as an attorney, I have the same opportunity to be a strong and compassionate advocate for my clients which is central to my practice. At San Gabriel Valley Law, our goal is to offer competent legal services with ENCOURAGEMENT, CONFIDENCE, and HOPE to each client. Follow her journey on Instagram @sgvlaw and her website at

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