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Kelicia Letlow-Peroune, the founder of KYL Law Firm, is a native of Guyana and was called to the bar in Ontario Canada. Kelicia represents clients before the Federal Court of Canada, as well as the Immigration Tribunals within the Immigration and Refugee Board. She has extensive knowledge of the Canadian immigration system, having successfully challenged humanitarian and compassionate application refusals, denial of refugee claims and detention orders, to name a few. Kelicia’s specialized skill set also includes assisting families with complex, emotionally challenging family law cases, which include custody/access and child protection matters. Over the years, she has assisted clients from over twenty countries, some of which include the Philippines, India, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Nigeria, The Central African Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, and the United States of America. Prior to starting her own law practice, Kelicia worked and volunteered with community, nongovernmental, and international organizations and she is passionate about social justice. She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Women’s Law Association of Ontario, and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers. If you have questions about Immigration or Family Law or want to connect with Kelicia, reach out to her on Instagram or Facebook at kyllawfirm. Further information about KYL Law Firm is available at

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