Nike Proskills Part 3 in Quarantine with Fernie Rizo


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Fernie Rizo joins the Strong Life Coach Podcast with a wealth of experience. He has attained a Masters Degree from New Mexico State, over 13 years of experience in education - as a teacher and assistant principal, decades of experience coaching and overseeing athletic programs, and now seven years of experience in the insurance industry. Fernie owns Rizo Insurance Group LLC and is the Program Director at Nike Proskills San Antonio.

How has your basketball program - Nike ProSkills - been affected by Covid-19?

What creative solution does Nike ProSkills offer to stay focused during the lockout?

What challenges have you faced as the program director during Covid-19?

What is the biggest benefit that Covid-19 provided to the athletes in your program?

What does communication look like between tournament organizers and the basketball programs?

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