Case study on whether parents should help pay for graduate school


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Jake wants to attend dental school while Carissa has enrolled in an occupational therapy program.

See how they plan to finance their educations and why going for student loan forgiveness is a better option than Carissa’s parents paying for grad school.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • How Jake and Carissa decided on their specific programs
  • How their choice of schools affects their future student debt
  • Their plan for future work post-graduation
  • Carissa’s plan for financing her degree
  • Why parents helping pay for grad school can be a bad idea
  • Why PSLF is a good gamble
  • Possible scenarios if Carissa chose to work in the private sector
  • Why trading PSLF away isn’t a good deal
  • Why Travis recommends Jake and Carissa borrow the max amount
  • The possible future of tax bombs — and why it’s political
  • The low downside risk of PSLF and tax bombs
  • Should you pay interest or investigate forgiveness while in school?
  • Why don’t we hear more about student loan forgiveness?
  • When refinancing can also be a valuable option

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