Dr. Zachary Kingsberg on starting your own practice


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Dr. Zachary Kingsberg is a dentist who, after graduating from the very expensive Nova Southeastern University, is now running his own dental practice startup in Dallas alongside his wife. In this episode, see how Zach began his startup journey, how he handled his student loans and the advice he’d give for an up-and-coming dentists on starting your own practice.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • Zach’s journey into dental school
  • How his associateship period played out
  • How he and his wife prepared themselves to become startup practice owners
  • How Zach went about acquiring patients
  • The process of getting funding from a bank for a dental startup
  • How demographics played into how Zach started his practice
  • The issues he ran into trying to secure a mortgage
  • Zach’s advice for refinancing student loans and getting a mortgage
  • What he learned about running a dental practice in the first year
  • How he handled marketing for his practice
  • How running a bread-and-butter clinic has kept costs low
  • Why Zach’s practice focuses on simple dentistry over cosmetics
  • How income-driven repayment could have helped Zach’s loan applications
  • His long-term goals for his practice
  • Zach’s experience with hiring (and firing) employees
  • The advice he’d give to a dentist associate considering a startup
  • The importance of being willing to work hard as a new dentist

Full show notes at: http://studentloanplanner.com/32

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