How Vanguard's website (and roboadvisors) cost America billions of dollars


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Most people are committing financial sins of omission — not doing things because they’re too complicated. In this episode, see how anything from bad website designs to having too many options can cause financial inertia — and how setting up automatic plans can help.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • How is Vanguard’s website design costing people money
  • Why people use robo-advisers instead of companies like Vanguard
  • Why developing the habit of investing is important
  • How a “nudge” works in finances
  • How student loans could be more simple to deal with
  • What financial sins of omission might you be committing right now
  • How the economy shifting pushed people to start investing
  • Why automatic financial plans are so important
  • How to avoid having complexity cost you money
  • How schools convince people to borrow so much money
  • Examples of people unable to handle so many financial options
  • Is taking time off from Public Service Loan Forgiveness OK?
  • How alternative documentation of income works
  • Why it’s important to not let student loans dictate your life
  • Refinancing rates are lower than they’ve been in a long time
  • Why you should book a student loan consultation now
  • Why you should apply for the Student Loan Planner scholarship

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