Private Loans: When you should use them


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Are private student loans worth it in comparison to federal loans? In this episode, learn how your degree path and future plans affect whether private loans should be on your radar, whether they’re a good idea for parents and grad students, and situations where they’re the worst option.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • How credit risk impacts your private student loan interest rate
  • How your degree path affects whether private loans are a good decision
  • Why you might take out a private loan instead of waiting to refinance
  • Borrowing limits for Stafford Loans
  • How Parent PLUS Loans come into the picture
  • Why Parent PLUS Loans are such a burden
  • Is a private loan better than a Parent PLUS Loan?
  • Should private loans be used for graduate school?
  • A rule of thumb for how much private loans can save you vs. Grad PLUS
  • How a private loan payment could affect your financial goals
  • Why an additive payment is bad news
  • Fields with higher Stafford Loan limits
  • Situations where private loans are the worst option
  • Why overestimating your potential earnings can hurt you
  • Why private loans might make a big comeback
  • How an interest rate offer shows whether a degree choice is sound

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