Student Loan Success (and carnage) Stories


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The Student Loan Planner consultants — Travis Hornsby, Justin Harvey, Rob Bertman and Lauryn Williams — discuss cases they’ve had, with amazing success stories as well as financial catastrophes.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

▪ Fun background stories from each of the Student Loan Planner consultants ▪ Cases from each of the consultants — success stories and ones where they were too late to stop someone from making a huge financial mistake ▪ Why banking on Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) isn’t risky for current borrowers ▪ How student loan forgiveness instead of refinancing, depending on the situation, might save someone money ▪ How, even on the verge of default, taking the steps to address your student loan situation can turn everything around ▪ Why Parent PLUS Loans can lead to financial disaster — and strained relationships ▪ How parents end up in PLUS Loan situations while trying to provide for their children ▪ Another PLUS Loan situation — and why pursuing grants and scholarships is better ▪ Why having tough conversations about student loan debt and budgeting is important ▪ How extensive budgeting allowed a parent to stay home with her child ▪ Why it’s imperative to make sure you’re on track for PSLF ▪ Travis’ thoughts on reaching out for student loan help as soon as possible ▪ How income-driven repayment could save end up saving someone money versus staying on the Standard Repayment Plan ▪ More interesting background stories from the consultants

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