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In today's exciting episode, hear questions directly from the Student Loan Planner audience, covering topics ranging from financing a car to preparing for a massive student loan bill, with each question answered by Travis.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • Is financing a car ever a good idea?
  • How to best prepare for the tax bomb on an income-driven plan
  • How student loans can affect buying a home
  • Should you pay down student loans before buying a house?
  • Should you wait until after your grace period to refinance?
  • Is it better to go for a physician or traditional mortgage?
  • How to prepare for a large student loan bill after graduation
  • Is refinancing a mortgage worth it, despite closing costs?
  • Why it’s often good for dentists to buy their own practice
  • Why getting a custom plan from us could be life-changing

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