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The sight of a toy gun during a recent Zoom meeting schooling session was enough to prompt the dispatch of the police to one Pennsylvania home. Though they had done nothing wrong, the parents of a 7-year-old were admonished about the dangers of children and guns by a PA cop.

During our Warrior of the Week segment, Professor Paul one more is called upon to explain how the good cops cannot fix the problem of bad cops. How did we get to this situation in the United States of America? Was it an accident or was it deliberate?

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Buckshot is one of those words that just sound manly and country. Rural folks have been known to name their dogs, “Buckshot”. To the neophyte, the word buckshot sounds devastating. “The magazine tube is packed full of buckshot.” Boom! Nothing seems more tactical or deadly.

But just how effective is 00 buckshot when it comes to the home defense shotgun? More specifically, how large, or perhaps not so much, is the spread or pattern of buckshot when launched from a home security fowling piece?

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Of all the recent developments in American life arising from state lockdown orders, perhaps none is so sinister as public officials encouraging people to inform on their neighbors and community members for perceived violations of supposed safety protocols.

This trend is made all the worse by the fact that people are getting an unprecedented glimpse into each others’ homes through pervasive online video conferences now being used to facilitate activities like work, school, and religious worship. For one family in Pennsylvania, the “discomfort” a schoolmate’s parent felt about seeing a toy gun in a Zoom call even resulted in police showing up at their home.

A segment on the May 15 edition of the Todd Starnes Radio Show included an interview with Sheila Perez Smith, the mother of a 7–year—old first grader. Perez Smith recounted how the child had received a plastic toy gun as a gift, which quickly became the boy’s “favorite new thing.”

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