100. Get Ready for 2020: Goals, Pricing, Vision Boards, Accountability & Health


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In this episode, Monique Malcolm, Pimp Your Brilliance, and Nache Snow, host of the Studio 78 Podcast, recap lessons learned and wins from 2019, discuss goals for 2020, and offer strategies for implementing goals.

They also dive into how to price your products and services, money mindset, and how they use vision boards. They end the episode with a discussion about health and how they plan to do better in the new year.

Both women have a unique perspective since Monique runs her business full time and Nache runs her business on the side. They reveal all and talk about real-world challenges and how they plan to continue to reach for the stars. If you’re a creative entrepreneur have a listen and let’s get ready for the new year!

Show Notes: https://nachesnow.com/100

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