106. The Importance of Creating Diverse and Inclusive Business Graphics


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Jessica Bellamy is an award-winning international speaker, workshop facilitator, motion infographic designer, and research analyst. She has presented and given workshops on information design and data equity in the United States and in other countries. She presents at conferences as well as at universities such as Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Vermont College of Fine Arts, ArtCenter, and Yale.

Jessica is an alumnus of the Adobe Creative Residency program. She is also a Design Justice advocate. She started her design career working with nonprofits and community groups to create compelling explainers that break down complex service and policy information.

In this episode, Jessica discusses big data and how it’s being used in society, how to work with nonprofits, tips for creating visuals, and the benefits of creating workshops. She also discusses the Adobe Creative Residence and how that experience impacted her career.

Show notes: https://nachesnow.com/106

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