97. How to Discover Your Niche and Make it a Business


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Tweak It is driven by the talented, charming, and socially active founder Adar Kirkham, whose unique perspective and creative vision inspire others to not only “tweak” their furniture pieces but also to motivate them to chase their dreams and express their personal vision and story through hard work, out-of-the-box thinking, and positive mindset.

Tweak It offers a wide range of interior design content and experiences that includes renovation projects for one-of-a-kind custom furniture, how-tos, pop-ups, and most recently paint supplies.

In this episode, Adar talks about her background as a dancer and choreographer and why she decided to start her own business creating custom furniture pieces and inspiring others to take on DIY home projects. We also talk about how she discovered her business niche, expanding the business into different areas, and the importance of including yourself in your social media brand strategy.

Show Notes: https://nachesnow.com/97

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