SSP 036: How To Build A Freedom Business w/ Shannon Avery of Hoo Films


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Quick question for you. If you wanted to take 8 weeks to volunteer in South America with limited wifi, is your business set up in a way that you could do it? If you’re anything like me, and most small film companies out there, I’m guessing the answer is no, and if that’s the case, then this is the perfect episode for you. Shannon Avery is the founder of Hoo Films, a California-based wedding film company currently shooting around 75 weddings per year all over the world. In addition to traveling for work however, Shannon routinely will take a few weeks off at a time to travel and recharge her creative batteries. Oh, and yeah, she’s planning on taking that 2 month trip to South America this winter, managing her team remotely. She didn’t always have the flexibility to do this however. Over the past 5 years she’s built her team in such a way to allow her the flexibility and freedom that she needs. She shares her secrets and processes that have allowed her to create the business that she always wanted (and the one a lot of us aspire to). We also dive deep into why it’s so important to take time to recharge and disconnect from work, whether that be for a couple hours a day, one day a week, week long vacations, or more. Recharging doesn’t always mean traveling the world like it does for Shannon, and it’s vital that you find out what that means for you. What activities allow you to come back to work fresh and ready to create? How have you set up your business to allow space for those activities? In this episode: •How Shannon was able to market herself to attract destination work •Why you need to define your systems and processes even if you don’t currently have a team, and why it’s even more important if you do •How to be intentional about building a team that will give you what you want from your business •The practical difference that being fresh and recharged has on your business •How Shannon’s business allows her to travel for 2 months at a time while the business carries on as usual Quotes: “I’m fine with being a workaholic, but I’m not fine with not having a life.” [12:57] “The minute that you decide to take a paycheck for this, is the minute that you really should start asking yourself how you are going to be the most efficient.” [26:30] Find the original post at:

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