Expert Session: Ashley Ward (SEMrush)


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Ashley Ward is a corporate speaker for SEMRush. Her passion is focused on helping businesses and marketing professionals gain long term ROI through teaching content marketing and social media marketing tips and tricks. With over 7 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, journalism, and PR, Ashley brings firsthand experience to inspire marketers around the world using unique content marketing and social media marketing tactics.

Speaking both internationally and throughout the US, Ashley regularly teaches workshops and speaks at conferences like Brighton SEO, SearchLove, Digital Summits, Retail Global, and SMS Sydney.

Ashley has co-authored the best-selling book, The Better Business Book v2 and is a contributing writer to industry blogs such as Search Engine Journal and Authority Labs.

88% of marketers integrate content into their marketing strategies, but only 57% of those marketers struggle to measure their content marketing strategy. In this expert session, Ashley explains why it's important to measure your content, the metrics you should use to measure, the costs of content, and the return from content marketing.


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