GIRL CODE: Amber Tolliver is DISRUPTING the Fashion World with Her Curvy, Full-Figured Lingerie Line


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Meet Amber Tolliver, 17-year veteran of the modeling industry who is disrupting the world of lingerie by filling the need for sexy, luxurious and intimate apparel for all. Her most recent venture, Liberté, satisfies the desire many women outside the traditional industry size range look for in lingerie. Women who deserve to feel confident and empowered without the restraint of DD bras or XL panties.

From becoming besties with Google, to launching a Kickstarter campaign, Amber took a grass roots approach to her success and she is sharing tons of tips and advice for any woman who wants to make a change in her industry. I can't wait for you to get to know Amber and her mission in this exciting episode in the first of our GIRL CODE Series! Learn more about Liberte Lingerie here.

Thank you to Breanna Bracken Killpack for making this episode possible!

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