Episode 9, Rwanda and Coffee Training with Jade Jennings.


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In this edition of the podcast Kirk sat down with Jade Jennings of Veneziano Coffee Roasters to talk about Rwandan coffee. Having visited Rwanda, Jade has a special connection with the communities and its people. Veneziano have purchased the coffee for years and Jade herself reached the top three of the Australian Barista Championship using Rwandan coffee, which is an uncommon choice at that level. Jade tells us of her experience visiting Rwanda, meeting producers and the nature of Rwandan coffee production. Unfortunately in May this year the Nyabihu region in Northern Rwanda experienced devastating land slides, causing huge damage to the community and claimed the lives of 28 people. The community has effectively been destroyed and needs OUR help! Raw Material Coffee have led the recovery efforts with a fundraising campaign that will help rebuild this community. Veneziano have also committed to donating all proceeds of their 'Shyira' coffee to assist with the recovery. If you would like to assist with the recovery efforts of this beautiful region you can donate via Raw Material's website: www.rawmaterial.coffee Jade also has a wealth of experience as a coffee trainer and competitor which we talk about in the second half of the podcast. We have ordained Jade as Elaine Benes of specialty coffee, a fun and exciting role model to everyone in the industry. Hope you enjoy this podcast and can assist with Raw Material's fund raising campaign. As always, stay cool!

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