SOULFEST 2019 - A Blueprint for Your Life Purpose!


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Imagine if you could have a literal blueprint for your life purpose...would you be interested?

Imagine if you could understand your partner's blueprint, or your kids...would you want to know that?

What if you could help guide your kids according to their own unique soul journey, versus what you want, or school wants, or some other institution?

Would that be of value?

What if you could learn this information early in life, so you could live it out over decades instead of learning it later in life (like I did!)

What a difference could that make in your life!

We are putting together a 2-day event November 16-17 we are calling "SoulFest" to do just that. To bring the best tools together to show you your soul's journey.

This podcast explains it all, and for more information, you can go to

We hope to see you in November for this truly life-changing transformational event

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