"Donations" Is Not A Business Model - Part 3 - Ep #77


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One of the common myths that a lot of content creators have, in this day and age of crowdfunding, is that if you have a large enough audience, then you can earn a decent income using donations from your listeners.

90% of creators, will not be able to make even a few hundred dollars a month from their show, and I'm going to show you why.

First, I'm going to play you a clip from a podcast called RadioLab, a super-popular radio show and podcast with millions of listeners, where you will hear a really shocking revelation about the ability - or should I say, inability - to raise funds through donations even when you have a super-successful podcast, which, according to their media kit, they get 1.6 million weekly radio listeners.

On a cold morning in January 2007, a violinist wearing a baseball cap was playing some beautiful music in a Washington DC subway train station.

1,097 people passed him by, but only 7 of them stopped to listen to him. He had a mat spread out in front of him to collect donations.

For his 43-minute performance, he collected a whopping $32.17 from a total of 27 passersby.

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