Everything You Need To Know About Promoting Your Membership On Instagram with Talia Koren


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Meet Talia Koren, our guest on this episode of the podcast. Talia is the founder of a new subscription business called Workweek Lunch. For less than the cost of one Chipotle burrito bowl (per month), Talia teaches her members everything they need to know about meal prepping. She started Workweek Lunch to show busy people that it’s easy to create quick, tasty and budget-friendly meals. Through her program, she helps them save time & money, while making healthy eating convenient. The really interesting thing about Talia and her business is that she uses Instagram as her primary marketing channel. In fact, over the past three years she’s grown her following from ZERO to almost 400,000 followers. Talia skillfully and strategically uses Instagram to promote her subscription and has been quite successful. As a result, she’s grown the Workweek Lunch subscription to more than 2,500 paying members in just over a year’s time! Pretty impressive, right? Talia joins us on the show today to talk about… -The journey she undertook to start, build, and grow Workweek Lunch -Why she ultimately chose the subscription model for her business -The exact strategies she uses to promote and sell her subscription on Instagram -And much more! You are in for a real treat with this episode. Definitely grab a pen and paper before you hit play. Talia shares so many tidbits of advice and strategic gems, and we have a feeling that you’ll want to take notes. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to use Instagram to promote and sell your membership or subscription, this episode is for you!

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