The Goddess Never Left (Ep. 36)


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At this time, we’re seeing a much-needed resurrection of the Goddess and the more spirally, cyclical aspects of our existence. Many say we’re midwifing the rebirth of the Goddess or welcoming her back… to that I say, she never left.

We’re all questing for something these days…

better lives, better bodies, better sex, better relationships, better diets… And we tend to seek for all of these things outside of ourselves. Ultimately, under all of these pursuits is a desire for a stronger connection with God/Goddess.

The Goddess and all things lunar, feminine, spirally, passive, and transient are shrouded in thousand-year-old illusions. Shame, threats of damnation, persecution, and the like have forced us to believe She is gone – and never was.

At this time, there is a rising curiosity about Her, a collective desire for harmony and more wholesome, integrated ways of living. The Goddess is in conversations, in courses, in books, in popular culture. She’s become this thing to seek and to find again. “Where has She gone? Why can’t I find Her? How do I know Her?”

Questing For Her Perpetuates the Illusion

I used to feel this way, too, actually. I thought it sounded lovely and yet, I didn’t have the first clue where to look. I felt like anything Goddess-like or spirally was unsafe and not for me because I was too, well, un-Goddess-like. Yet, I still quested.

Years later, I had dedicated my work in the world to “resurrecting the sacred spiral energies.” I thought we all owed it to humanity and Mother Earth at this time to midwife the rebirth of the Divine Feminine, before it was too late. And while all of this is true to a certain degree, it’s only part of the story and part of the actual need.

The thing is, the Goddess never left. She’s been hidden in plain sight and we’ve all been programmed and scared into submission for thousands of years to act as though we don’t see Her.

Want proof?

Existence continues, therefore she’s here. Cyclical rhythms and spirals and pulsations continue. The birth, life, death cycle continues. Seasons come and go and flow into the next. Flowers bloom and die. Your body changes. Babies are born and grow and have babies. Sunsets give way to sunrises.

She’s right here and has been all along.

The Way to Approach This Paradigm Shift

So what do we actually need?

We must resurrect the awareness of the spiral aspects of our existence – not the spiral aspects themselves. They’re here. Hidden in plain sight. Have been all along.

Continuing to seek Her, search for her, quest for her is still perpetuating the illusion that’s been fed to us for far too long about divinity and holiness and all things sacred being outside of us. The quest is pointless because you’ve arrived. She’s here. What we must do is resurrect the awareness of Her, the devotion to and appreciation of Her.

We do this through repairing our relationship with our inner wounded masculine, our inner kings, our inner sense of authority, structure, containment, and devoted discipline. She’s here spiraling away and it is our wounded sense of authority that pretends otherwise and would punish us for rejoining the dance of creation and judges us for even having the desire to do so.

A Practice For You

How can you integrate your inner king and inner queen? Who is your inner king and how does he feel about anything spirally, transient, feminine? Does your inner spiral feel safe? Does your inner triangle judge harshly? What do both sides need? What do they need from each other?

Spend some time with these questions. Allow your inner king to hold space for your inner queen; to witness Her and support Her and in that, allow your inner queen to spiral and create and flow, thus enforcing your inner king, as they rise together.

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