5. Psychoanalysis, Art, and Disrupting Linear Narratives - Vanessa Sinclair


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Dr. Vanessa Sinclair and I explore psychoanalysis, society, the unconscious, sexuality and its subversive power, identity, the cut-up method, creativity, art, magic, and more. Dr. Vanessa Sinclair is a psychoanalyst in independent practice who sees patients internationally, specializing in online and remote treatment. A founding member of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis, Dr. Sinclair facilitates events and conferences internationally, including Civilization and its Bliss-contents: On Violence and Psychoanalysis, NYC 2015, with Manya Steinkoler, which has evolved into a book forthcoming from Routledge On Psychoanalysis and Violence: Contemporary Lacanian Perspectives (2019), and Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult, London 2016, co-hosted with Carl Abrahamsson. Collected papers from this conference were published as a special edition of The Fenris Wolf, volume 9 (2017) available from Trapart Books. Dr. Sinclair hosts Rendering Unconscious podcast and is currently editing a collection of psychoanalytic writing and poetry under the same name (Trapart, 2019). She authored a book of cut-up poetry Switching Mirrors Trapart, 2016), and her book Scansion in Psychoanalysis and Art: The Cut in Creation is forthcoming from Routledge (2020). Together with artist Katelan Foisy, she explores the creative potential inherent in the cut-up method. A book of their work Chaos of the Third Mind is upcoming from Fulgur Ltd (2020). ---Notes--- http://www.drvanessasinclair.net/ Vanessa Sinclair & Carl Abrahamsson's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/vanessa23carl Chaos of the Third Mind (cut-up art w/Katelan Foisy): https://chaosofthethirdmind.com/ Books: http://www.drvanessasinclair.net/books/ Rendering Unconscious Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/highbrowlowlife Psychoanalysis, Art, and the Occult interview with Gordon White (Rune Soup) https://runesoup.com/2016/04/psychoanalysis-art-and-the-occult-video/ Vanessa on Leosaysays Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNiiMvdhNV4 Fenris Wolf 9 (Papers from the Psychoanalysis, Art, and the Occult Conference) https://www.carlabrahamsson.com/tag/the-fenris-wolf-9/

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