7. Writing as an Act of Magic - Solo Epside


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Have you ever thought about the fact that you put a series of symbols on a piece of paper or a screen, share it with others, and directly transmit messages and ideas that can change their consciousness? It's called writing and I say it's actual magic - and I'm not alone! This solo episode is a brief exploration of the links between writing and magic from both a historical and practical perspective, including how we understand art, the imaginal, magic, and scholarship. Works mentioned: JF Martel, Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice: http://www.reclaimingart.com/ Iain McGilchrist: The Master and His Emissary https://www.ted.com/talks/iain_mcgilchrist_the_divided_brain Gary Lachman: The Secret Teachers of the Western World https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/314994/the-secret-teachers-of-the-western-world-by-gary-lachman/9780399166808/ Mitch Horowitz article "Is Your Imagination God?" https://medium.com/s/real-magic/is-your-imagination-god-b55dc78e93bb Related episodes: An Introduction to Creative Inquiry: https://soundcloud.com/subversivestudies/ci-podcast-episode-one Alfonso Montuori - Complexity, Improvisation, and Learning: https://soundcloud.com/subversivestudies/episode-2-alfonso-montuori Shah Hussein - Creative Inquiry as Magic: https://soundcloud.com/subversivestudies/episode-6-shah-hussein-creative-inquiry-as-magic Eric Peterson - Ecological Consciousness, Animism, and Story: https://soundcloud.com/subversivestudies/episode-14-eric-peterson-ecological-consciousness-animism-and-story JF Martel - Art Unearths What Normality Buries: https://soundcloud.com/subversivestudies/art-unearths-jf-martel Angela Voss - A Methodology of the Imagination: https://soundcloud.com/subversivestudies/angela-voss-methodology-imagination Cover art/logo design by Jeff Wolfe Theme music by Poddington Bear Writing as an Act of Magic material copyright © 2019 Dan Glenn

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