Creative Inquiry 11: Social Change, Polarities, Dissertation as Creative Process- Gabrielle Donnelly


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Gabrielle Donnelly, Ph.D. is a scholar and practitioner of creativity, social change, and innovation. In this episode, we discuss the dynamic between the scholar and practitioner sides of oneself; working with perceived polarities in groups, individuals, and society at large; finding your voice as a scholar; the dissertation process as creative and personal transformation; "kissing people over the edge," and much more. Co-founder of Brave Space, Gabrielle works with methods for meaningful public engagement, participatory leadership, and systems change such as The Art of Hosting, Deep Democracy, and Participatory Action Research. Her passion for integrating theory and practice leads her to work with organizations like Coady International Institute, FoodARC, ALIA Institute, Government of Nova Scotia, Ecology Action Centre, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, and Now Lunenburg County. Gabrielle is a professor at Acadia University, an associate of the Taos Institute, ​and publishes in the areas of creativity, social change, participatory leadership, and transdisciplinarity. She is the Managing Editor of World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research. Born in London, England and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Gabrielle lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Donnelly's website: The Brave Space website is The Art of Hosting website Deep Democracy (Lewis Method) Rune Soup episode with Dr. Jeffrey Kripal: Strieber, W., & Kripal, J. (2016). The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained. Tarcher Perigee. Zia Sardar: Montuori, A. (2005). How to make enemies and influence people: anatomy of the anti-pluralist, totalitarian mindset. Futures, 37(1), 18-38. Link to Montuori article on academia: Jordan Peterson:

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