Episode 124: Mid-American Conference Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher


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Dr. Jon Steinbrecher is the commissioner of the Mid-American Conference. He has held the position since 2009. He was previously the commissioner of the Ohio Valley Conference.

In July of 2019, Steinbrecher became the first Division 1 commissioner to be elected to a NCAA council leadership position when he was elected as vice chair of the NCAA Division 1 Council.

Steinbrecher has previously worked on the NCAA Football Oversight Committee and the NCAA Football Competition Committee, and currently serves on the NCAA Transfer Working Group, as well as the Developmental Model Council of USA Football.

Steinbrecher is the only commissioner in the NCAA’s first division to serve as a commissioner at all three levels of the first division, which includes the Football Bowl Subdivision, the Football Championship Subdivision and the rest of Division 1. Steinbrecher was previously the commissioner of the D-1 Summit Division (1994-2003) and the Ohio Valley Conference (2003-2009.)

In today’s episode, we discuss:
  • #MACtion and where that term came from
  • Student-athlete mental health
  • Developing student-athlete leadership
  • Issues such as transfers and paying players
  • ... and so much more!!!

Resources, Books, and Links

Website: GetSomeMaction.com

Twitter: @MACtion

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jon-steinbrecher-4998bb16

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