Alex Rodriguez


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He's one of the greatest players in baseball history. His 22-year on-field career included multiple MVP's, a World Series trophy, countless home runs, RBI's and stolen bases...yet his retirement from baseball was only the beginning. A-Rod just completed a $500M SPAC, as SLAM Corp's CEO. We're used to hearing stories about great athletes struggling to find their footing in their post-careers. Not Alex. He's been a guest judge on Shark Tank, a regular MLB commentator and analyst, investor, business owner, major financier of the Boys & Girls Clubs in the US, and what he says is the most important, a family man.

This show's packed with reflections, tips and advice to both athletes and entrepreneurs. Alex is a seasoned communicator, clearly articulating the do's and don'ts while parlaying his recommendations with anecdotes from his career. Which mind you, didn't lack controversy, and for me, is part of what's most impressive about him. His experience in crisis management, both small and large, starts with acknowledging the problem, taking ownership in it, then overcorrecting. People and brands around the world take note.

“I tried to build a certain image while I was playing,” Alex says, “and that plan failed miserably.” Now he explains, “I have more clarity.”

He began his practices as a young buck at 4:30 in the morning. He continues to take that work ethic with him through each of his endeavors today.

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