408: 2021 Top Solar Changemaker: Kate Gold, Solar Landscape


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The Solar Power World 2021 Top Solar Changemaker award-winner is Kate Gold, director of community engagement at Solar Landscape.

From the Article feature on SPW's website: "Talking about diversity and inclusion in the solar industry is a good start, but the 2021 Top Solar Changemaker is actively bringing underserved communities into the green economy. Kate Gold’s mission as director of community engagement at Solar Landscape is to train and develop the future renewable energy workforce in New Jersey. She has helped the company partner with nonprofits including the Jewish Renaissance Foundation, the Hispanic Family Center of Southern Jersey and Interfaith Neighbors to offer in-person solar job training for local residents." To read more, access the full article from our Blog page: https://mysuncast.com/suncast-episodes/408

Today, I get the details from Kate on how she transitioned into the Solar industry and in just a few short years garnered this coveted position as THE Solar Changemaker of the Year by the respected industry journal ,Solar Power World. She has a fascinating and compelling story. Tune-in to hear more!


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