472: Customer experience expert Scott Nguyen of Bodhi [Live from RE+NE]


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This week’s Tactical Tuesday guest is a returning SunCast collaborator & guest, Scott Nguyen of Bodhi Solar. If you haven’t heard his executive profile, I’d highly recommend you queue that up to listen to next, it’s episode 357 from 2021. In that discussion we go deep into Scott’s use of design thinking in developing his software platform focused on improving the solar customer journey.

There really is nobody I know in the industry that’s more focused on driving customer engagement and leveraging design principles to improve the customer experience. Scott is always a wealth of knowledge, so enjoy his insights into the opportunities & obstacles that 2022 presents, which I gleaned in today’s Live interview discussion when we were together in Boston at the RE+ Northeast show in February. Scott shares his thoughts on what emerging trends to watch, and how being back in person is benefitting his company and the industry as a whole.

Are you excited we’re back in person at these events? I’d love to hear from you more about what you’re looking for now in these live events since the pandemic. Is it education? Networking? After 2 years of essentially no industry gatherings, what is it that most compels you to leave home now? Feel free to email or DM me on Linkedin. I have been traveling a lot lately (actually ON a plane as I type these notes, headed to TX!). LMK where you’re headed and let’s try to meet up.

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