$500 Million For Miami From Super Bowl LIV? Try $50 Million, Says Sports Economist


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Restaurants, bars and hotels are gearing up for a potential surge in business from visitors ahead of Super Bowl LIV. The primetime game at Hard Rock stadium and the series of events leading up to it are expected to generate millions of dollars in revenues for the region. Miami’s Super Bowl Host Committee hasn’t come up with an official number, but projections from last year’s game in Atlanta from the city’s metro chamber were around $400 million in revenues. But that number could be overinflated. “The rule of thumb among economists is, take that number that boosters are telling you, move that decimal place one place to the left, and that’s actually more likely what you’ll see in Florida,” says Victor Matheson. He’s a sports economist at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts and has studied the economic impact of Super Bowls around the county . He spoke with Luis Hernandez on Sundial about who the real beneficiaries are from the big game, how much money stays locally and why tax

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