Haitian-American Edwidge Danticat's New Collection of Stories Explores 'Gap Between Life And Death'


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In a short story by Haitian-American novelist Edwidge Danticat a man sees his life flash before his eyes as he falls 500 feet from the sky. "It's a story that is meant to be compressed in those seconds that he's falling," says Danticat on Sundial. There's a list of thoughts that goes through the man's mind: love, loss and regret. And the burning image of his son. Death and how people come to terms with it is a central theme of "Everything Inside," Danticat's newest short story collection and the Sundial Book Club pick for November. All of the book's eight short stories take place in locales like Miami and Haiti -- places Danticat calls home. She joined Sundial to talk about her writing process, why she decided to write short stories and how she views mortality. Danticat will be at this year's Miami Book Fair on Sunday, November 24 at 1:30 p.m. This interview has been edited lightly for clarity. WLRN: In this book, the two themes that jump out are death and this love-hate relationship

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