New Collection Of Short Stories Explores How We Do And Don't Get Around South Florida


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South Florida consistently ranks among the worst metropolitan areas nationwide for traffic and congestion. On average, Miamians spend 100 hours a year stuck in gridlock. And as our public transportation system consistently has issues with reliability and usage, we all know how difficult it can be to get around here. FIU creative writing professor Lynne Barrett edited the new collection of short stories called Making Good Time: True Stories of How We Do and Don’t Get Around South Florida. The collection includes 31 different stories from authors who have all spent a good portion of their life travelling around South Florida. They are intentionally eclectic, from Jennine Capo Crucet’s piece about thieves using canals to escape from houses they’ve robbed, to Patricia Engel’s experience of strangers fixing her broken down car on Collins Drive on Miami Beach. “The book isn't solely about transportation because it's about all kinds of forms of movement and it's also about the construction of

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