Sunset Provisions


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I know so many people who are miserable at their jobs, and they stay miserable -- for a host of different reasons. And I was exactly the same as an attorney at a major law firm until I realized that entrepreneurship was a real and tangible solution for me. "Sunset Provisions" is a bit of a play on words. In a legal document, a sunset provision is the section of the contract that says if a certain event doesn't happen by a specific date, the entire agreement will terminate automatically. And as the sun kind of sets of my legal career and rises on my life as an entrepreneur, I want to share all my challenges, successes and lessons with you, and I want to bring as many people as I can find to share their stories as well. Before I moved to ATL, I thought entrepreneurship meant you were Jeff Bezos or you lived in your parents' basement, and when I came to Atlanta, I met folks who existed and thrived in the space in-between. This podcast is meant to bring that beautiful in-between space to you. I hope this podcast inspires you to push the bounds on what you believe is possible and to draft a "sunset provision" in your own life.

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