Chris Heller on Success and the Future of RE


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Hey everybody--I hope that everything is going well for you right now---ok--todays guest is a guy that started out as a regular old real estate agent and leveraged the skills he learned as an agent and ended up being tapped to lead keller williams as ceo--my guest is none other than chris heller

I wanted to know how he engineers opportunity in his career and life and we get into a very honest conversation about the traits of success as well as, what he see for real estate in the future --in this conversation we get into how AI will impact the way we search for homes in the near future. Theres no question that real estate is one of the only bright lights during these very difficult times and if you want to grow your business into something that is predictable and repeatable you need to be advertising on the radio--not on google or facebook---good oldfashioned radio--it worked for chris heller and it will work for you. The leader in radio for real estate agents is myradioexpert. They will find the right station---negotiate a schedule and rates --and they will get you rates you simply cannot do yourself------they even write copy-----if you want to level up---sendme an email to or go to and fill out he getting started sheet.

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