5 Easy Moves to transform your digital strategy- Alex Caragiannides


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Do you even have a digital strategy? The average agent will sell less than 10 homes; work less than 30 hours a week and believes that his “online” strategy is solid. Most agents simply dont understand what a solid digital strategy looks like. We cover everything you need to know in the next two episodes.

In today’s competitive market you need a competitive advantage. Our podcast series will be taking a deep dive into all things we should consider as we look forward to ending the year on a high note and starting next year strong.

As we start planning for next year I am going to be interviewing people that can educate us on the types of things we should be considering for next year whether that is simple time management or where you should be spending your marketing dollars

The next two episodes are from agency owners that are experts in digital marketing. Digital marketing can be cheap, effective and immediate if you know what you are doing. I brought these guys on to explain what we should be doing in digital world ala social media.

One interesting thing about these two guys is that while both of them do google ppc, linkedin, twitter, instagram----they both spend an inordinate amount of time talking about what you can do on facebook----if two agencies are both telling me the same thing---I should probably listen.

Both of my guests talked about the importance of copy, ad types and demographics; interestingly --------Our first guest Alex talks a lot about strategy, actual numbers and click thru rate percentages we should be getting and the second guy samir talks a lot about tactics like how to run ads and create a list via facebook messenger --we also spend some time talking about how to build and use facebook bots--its not as hard as you think.

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