Finding Opportunity in This market - Tenny Tolofari


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just a quick note---lately I have been kind of moving away from trying to uncover tactics or strategies to grow or just start in some of cases---lately Ive been more interested in where people are seeing opportunity and what they are doing to try and exploit that area of opportunity.

Todays guest is someone that used his grit dug in and did the work and is now reaping the rewards.. Once you start listening to this person you will realize that he didnt come from a money background and he started with literally nothing--I think thats important because for many of you that is exactly where you find yourself and for those others that maybe have found success I hope you hearing this guy will give you a little more motivation to make those extra calls or put in that extra hour in the evening--in any case I hope you enjoy it and if you do I hope that you will leave a rating and review on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts

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