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In this fast moving environment none of us really know who is ready to sell or buy a house--I cant tell you how many times agents will email me with a story about how one of their close friends used another agent or how the person you see everyday at the gym used someone else.

If youve been around long enough this has happened to you--the reason I think its important is that too often people assume that 1) other people know what you do and trust you to do the job and 2) everyone is one interaction away from signing a contract. I often hear people say “that neighborhood is dominated by X” or I cant break into that group because everyone in that group knows susan and will use her. I say that is a false notion -- a limiting belief that is holding you back.

I hope that today you will learn why you might want to start incorporating youtube ads in your quiver. We talk about how to buy ads, when you actually get charged for an ad and how to target your ideal type of person or demographic.

I just realized that many of you might not understand how an online ad running in the background fits into your sales funnel. You might not even have one or a real one.

Just the basics---your sales funnel looks just like a funnel---you have a big opening at the top where all kinds of stuff comes in and you finally have a smaller opening at the bottom where sales or dollars actually falls out. At the top of your funnel you should have a mix of inputs---some of them totally offline like calling your database--that is an offline lead generation input. You might have radio, television, postcards or some other mailer--that is another type of offline lead generation inputs. Most of the offline inputs i described above are primarily used to locate sellers --generally. Your sales funnel should also have top line inputs that are online and can run in the background and can be easily and quickly changed, altered or stopped. This is where facebook ads, youtube ads or google PPC come into play. These are cheap inputs that yield large amounts of low quality leads. For those of you who will take exception to me saying online leads are low quality-----I am calling them low quality because they generally have a low level of intent--they often are more curious that ready to pull the trigger but, this type of always running in the background strategy can be extremely effective when we target the prospects in your database. The people who have met you but, dont know you well or those people that might know you relatively well but, arent familiar with your level of expertise. This might be someone you know from your childs school or that guy or girl you know at the gym. Facebook ads, youtube ads and generally online methods can be very effective at converting prospects that have lower levels of connection with you. So----hopefully you have an understanding of what your funnel might look like-----lets get to the episode

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